2015 CEE Management Competitiveness Study
apr 21
April 21.
09:00 - 18:00
Austria Trend Hotel
Social Event
2015 CEE Management Competitiveness Study
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25 years after the change in regime, critical corporate issues still stop companies in the Central Eastern European region from becoming more competitive. In spite of improvement in many fields, a pan-regional survey of foreign senior managers makes clear that still a lot needs to be done in terms of decreasing bureaucracy, eliminating corruption, focusing on customer service and taking more managerial responsibility. The study, commissioned by TARGET Executive Search and conducted by GfK and CEU Business School, highlights significant strengths in the hard work ethos of local management, attitude of women workforce and strong interpersonal skills, however, to become more competitive, in many respects the region still has to live to its promise

In a recently published pan-regional study of the regional recruitment firm, the opinion of close to 1000 foreign senior managers and their local manager partners working in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia in four key areas was researched: general business environment, management style, managers and the market, transparency and cross cultural issues. The survey is in many respects a continuation of a similar study commissioned by TARGET in 2009, and allows for comparisons of findings and conclusions on trends.

“The study identifies certain important phenomena in terms of work ethics and company operations” – explained Zoltán Buzady, Associate Professor of Management and Organization at CEU Business School. “In spite of considerable improvements, still a relatively low number of local managers take a strategic view on company issues. Taking responsibility is still not general and working according to a systematic way is criticized in a number of countries. What is good, we see significant improvements in local managers valuing the company they work for, much more than they did 6 years ago. Appreciating the work place may not be unrelated to the effects of the economic crisis.“– commented Zoltán Buzády. 

Roundtable on implications of this research will take place at CEU Business School om May 26. from 5-7 p.m. More information to follow.

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