An Innovative Society, Global Competiveness, and the Possibilities of Leapfrog: Implications for the CEE and Beyond
dec 12
December 12.
16:00 - 19:00
CEU Business School
1023 Budapest
Frankel Leó 30-34. Room 101
Social Event
An Innovation Society, Global Competiveness, and the Possibilities of Leapfrog: Implicatio...
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December 12, 2014

4-4:30 PM Registration; 4:30-6 PM Executive Seminar; 6-7:00 PM Reception

CEU Business School, Room 101, Frankel Leo, 30-34, 1023 Budapest

Can the CEE generally, and Hungary in particular, host dynamic economic competitors and become a valued contributor to the global economy? Is our region forever stuck or can it somehow leapfrog? And, if leapfrog is possible, what are the key ingredients and strategy for doing so?

This event explores the crucial relationship between an innovative society, global competiveness, and leapfrog. A fundamental concern to be addressed: how can regions hitherto absent from the top ranks of global competiveness and innovation capabilities transform themselves into high-value competitors, thereby becoming effective hosts of prosperity and engines of economic growth.

A fundamental perspective underlying this event is that on-going global competitiveness requires an innovation society. Such a social structure is characterized by an emphasis on knowledge-driven products and services, a premium on cultivating home-grown talent and attracting foreign talent, high educational attainment, an emphasis on creativity, access to relevant technology, and possessing managerial and entrepreneurial cultures and organizations that reflect both world-class professionalism and smart risk taking.

Ultimately, this event explores the possibilities of leapfrog—i.e. catapulting positions of global leadership in value creation—once the ingredients for global competitiveness and an innovation society are in place.

Participating in this important Research and Executive Seminar are:

Mel Horwitch, Dean and University Professor, CEU Business School

Lajos Reich, Chief technology Officer, GE Healthcare


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    Moussa Moumouni

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