Business Integrity for Startups
apr 21
April 21.
13:30 - 15:00
CEU Business School
Frankel Leó 30-34
Social Event
Business Integrity for Startups
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On 21-22 April (Thursday-Friday), the whole Budapest startup ecosystem opens up for you as Startup Safary arrives to our city. Startup Safary is an glokal movement joined by local entrepreneurial trend setters showing their knowhow in growing their businesses. Amongst the impressive list of companies to open doors for this occasion are: Prezi, LogMeIn, Gravity, Oxo Labs, MiUtcank, Microsoft, Ericsson etc. You will be able to visit over 60 locations based on your interest, entering the offices of the collaborators of the startup scene of Budapest, participating breakfasts, office tours, workshops, mentoring sessions, hackathons and so on, closing with a crazy “startup” party organized by International Geek-Together.

On this unique occasion CEU Business School is opening up Professor Noemi Alexa's class for the international and Hungarian guests of Startup Safary between 1.30 PM - 3 PM on 21 April!

CEU Business School is a true advocate of clean business as a pillar of open society and the importance of integrity in business practices. With this goal in mind, the school has also launched an initiative in 2015 in cooperation with Bridge Budapest called "My First Million" , inspiring start-uppers for transparency at the get go! 

Visiting Professor Alexa's class on 'Making Integrity Happen!' will give more than just a feel why integrity in business is a driving factor for success for start-uppers from early on: this course approaches business integrity from a practical point of view. Drawing on the latest trends in supply chain management, human resources management and procurements, participants will get acquainted with management tools that ensure integrity in these transactions. Integrity in business is not considered a moral obligation but rather as a management option that business people can decide to make an integral part of their organization. The aim of this course is to present the strategic advantages of integrity tools in supply chain management, human resources management and procurement. The overall aim of this course is to enable students to develop integrity management tools for their own real or imagined enterprises that create competitive advantage in the market.

You are invited to attend Budapest's Startup Safary, and can register at:

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