CEU’s International Community

CEU’s International Community

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CEU brings together students from more than 100 countries and faculty from more than 30. Focused on the social sciences, many departments of CEU offer guest lectures and discussions that are of key relevance for today’s Business leaders – for example in 2009 we hosted Nobel Prize laureate Joseph E. Stiglitz talking about the financial crisis. Besides that, numerous student clubs wait for you to share your passion, from photography through football to cooking.

Guest Lectures & Networking Events

CEU is a major reasearch university in the region, offering world-class guest speakers and conferences. 2010 alone saw Nobel Laureate Joseph E. Stiglitz and university founder, investor and philanthropist George Soros lecturing CEU students and together with Google, CEU was host to the internationally acclaimed conference 'Internet at Liberty 2010' as well as a Private Equity and Corporate Finance Conference in 2013. Furthermore, an annual career fair as well as many specifically Business Networking events invite you to connect with likeminded people including potential employers.

Fun Activities

Every year CEU and its student clubs organize multiple fun activities, including a Spring Ball and two sports days. Check out CEU's Flickr account to see passion, elegance, and tears of joy.

Student Clubs and Initiatives

Participate in many different sports from football, through skiing to dancing. Pursue a hobby like photography or theater. Learn more about other countries and languages like Romania or Germany. Campaign with likeminded people for Human Rights or LGBTQI issues. Improve student life at CEU together with the Student Union.

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  • "I have been recently nominated as the Regional IT Manager for West Africa at Unilever. My CEU Business School education has been a key differentiator during an otherwise very competitive recruitment process. I would like to thank all my great peers of the 2013-14 cohort and the wonderful faculty at the B-School for the valuable learning experience I had during my time in BP."

    Moussa Moumouni

    MSc in IT Management class of 2014

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