Cleaning soiled shirts Reorienting the Direction of Rugby in Hungary
Cleaning Soiled Shirts Reorienting the Direction of Rugby in Hungary
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July 16, 2014

A Leadership case study by Associate Professor Zoltan Buzady

The new case study - "Cleaing Soiled Shirts - Reorienting the direction of rugby in Hungary" - describes the leadership dilemma faced by Gabriel Garin, the Argentinian international rugby player who came to Hungary and joined the Hungarian Sevens rugby team. He was shocked by the way in which Hungarian Rugby union is operating and how this sport is perceived generally in Hungary.  

The young social entrepreneur’s personal vision is to change the fundamental values how and why rugby is played in Hungary and to move it up to international standards. He ventured numerous ideas and actions in order to achieve this goal. But his time in Hungary is limited and he must start makig other plans to begin working back in his home country Argentina, soon. If he leaves how can he stay true to his personal vision? 

Fundamentally this case is about the challenges of a dynamic, young visionary leader who is engaged in changing the role of sports in society. The case study implicitly contrasts transactional and transformational leadership styles and invites participants to develop their own personal leadership vision and ask themselves what is really important to them in personal life and in their professional career.

The case study is standard discussion material in Zoltan Buzady's Leadership course on both Full-time and Executive MBA.


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