Coffeehouse - Social Consequences of Technology Innovation
may 12
May 12.
18:00 - 19:30
Nádor str 15, Room: 101
1051 Budapest
Social Event
Coffeehouse - "Social Consequences of Technology Innovation"
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It was a fascinating presentation and discussion with professor György Bőgel, followed by an alumni networking session having some snacks and drinks.

Being part of the CEU Alumni Reunion Weekend 2017, this Coffeehouse event started at 6:00 pm on 12th May, 2017 in Nador 15.

Abstract of the presentation:

If we look around in our world now, we see technology miracles and growing social tensions. Innovators produce fantastic technologies and new products. Computing power is growing exponentially, artificial intelligence becomes a part of everything, robots replace human in many jobs, cure the sick and take care of the elderly. Machines communicate with each other directly without human intervention, lean principles are programmed into management software.

Are we at the gate of the Paradise? Is it the right time for techno-optimism? Can we defeat the social problems around us with more innovation?

Yes and no. Innovation may really help a lot, but the relationship between technology innovation and social phenomena such as poverty, inequality, migration and political extremism is complicated and multifaceted. Innovation solves some social problems but it also generates new ones. We will use a few examples to demonstrate the subtle relationship between technological and social development, highlight the most important social consequences of accelerating innovation and will provide a short summary of potential solutions and remedies.



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