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Absorice develops and distributes gluten free, lactose free and vegan protein mixes and bars.
Pick your favorite flavors below and start using #AbsoRice today! 

Tamás Nagy:
Márton Olah:


Valuella is a SW Development company.
Everyone these days talks about the difficulty and high cost of finding good SW developers. We solve this problem for our clients by doing Web, Mobile, E-commerce, Analytics, and any other kind of SW development with our partner companies in Asia, all having solid experience and strong references in US, Australia and Europe.
We provide quality at unbeatable price.

Arslan Ali:
Imre Boda:



The technology of chat bots is rapidly emerging with more and more companies allowing automated communication with users. Our venture was inspired by Facebook's decision to allow chat bots in the Messenger platform, which has over 900 million users and manages 60 billion messages every day.

Our venture will develop chat bots for companies as a one-stop-shop with the bot software, system integration and marketing consultancy in a complete package.

Akos Deliaga:


Say Hello™ is a trusted global translation marketplace where you can order and receive translations from professional translators around the world 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Having more than 5000 translators and over 126 languages available, Say Hello allows you to gain access to an open and transparent Global Community that knows languages and loves translating.  We are passionate about ensuring that Say Hello is fast, easy and secure whilst remaining personal, professional and economic for customers.


Gergely Molnar


 ShareKiwi application offers a new way of communication without continous INTERNET access. This new encrypted communication technology is quick, power saving, near communication and provides an easy way of virtual networking. 

Currently there are 1.5 bn smartphones out there and in the next 2 years this number will increase with 50%. Half of these devices have access to the internet. The number of the most popular apps download is over 1 bn, but 90% of them need internet access to use. 
Sharekiwi can connect more than 10 000 devices at the same time without internet connection.


David Javori:
Kata Pal:

Reclamatio is as an online and mobile service which helps companies discover what their customers enjoy and what they dislike based on information collected from social media. We help organizations design their customer experience management programs by collecting data related to customer opinions available in mainstream social-media.

Ciprian Popa
Tel: +40 356 089 103
Tel: +49 89 215 55 937

 Lorant Zambori
Tel:+40 356 089 125
Tel:+49 89 215 55 937



  • "I have been recently nominated as the Regional IT Manager for West Africa at Unilever. My CEU Business School education has been a key differentiator during an otherwise very competitive recruitment process. I would like to thank all my great peers of the 2013-14 cohort and the wonderful faculty at the B-School for the valuable learning experience I had during my time in BP."

    Moussa Moumouni

    MSc in IT Management class of 2014

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    Budapest 1051, Hungary