Corruption in Public Administration: An Ethnographic Approach by Davide Torsell
Corruption in Public Administration: An Ethnographic Approach by Davide Torsello
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October 12, 2016

Congratulations: Corruption in Public Administration: An Ethnographic Approach, edited by Davide Torsello, Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Center for Integrity in Business and Government, has just been published.

Despite the growth in literature on political corruption, contributions from field research are still exiguous. This book provides a timely and much needed addition to current research, bridging the gap and providing an innovative approach to the study of corruption and integrity in public administration.

The volume contributors provide insights from eight different countries – Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Russia, Kosovo, Turkey, Mexico and Tanzania - all drawing on extensive fieldwork data and following ethnographic methodologies. The topics discussed in this book include: the role of anti-corruption legislation; organizational change and integrity; party corruption; socio-cultural dimensions of corruption; gift-exchange; and clientelism. Analyzing these topics comparatively, the volume concludes that in countries where public perception of corruption is high, citizens are well aware of the generalized damage of these practices and the loss of trust they cause for public administrations. On the other hand, corruption in public administration takes place following patterns that mirror some of the fundamental social and cultural features that characterize interactions among citizens and institutions.

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