Dealing with Data: challenges and risks in measuring corruption
mar 13
March 13.
12:15 - 13:45
Frankel Leo ut 30-34
Room: 305
Social Event
Dealing with Data: challenges and risks in measuring corruption
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Date: March 13, 2014 - 12:15 - 13:45
Building: Frankel Leo ut 30-34
Room: 305
Event type: Seminar
Event audience: CEU Community Only
External presenter(s): Paul Heywood, University of Nottingham, UK
CEU organizer(s):
Peter Hardi
Paul Lacourbe
Davide Torsello
CEU host unit(s):
Center for Integrity in Business and Government
CEU Business School
CEU contact person: Katalin Nagy

Dealing with Data: challenges and risks in measuring corruption

research seminar by Paul Heywood

Dean of the Social Science Faculty, University of Nottingham


Big data is seen as offering a host of possibilities for better understanding and shaping the world. One potential area of application is in regard to corruption: there has been an ever greater focus on trying to explore the dimensions and extent of corruption, with a host of attempts to produce rankings and league tables. Notable in this regard have been the Corruption Perceptions Index, published annually by Transparency International, and the World Bank's World Governance Indicators. However, there are serious problems with the use and analysis of the data which underpin these assessments. In a bid to address these issues, other approaches to measuring corruption have been developed, but they also suffer from a range of problems which undermine their utility. The paper concludes with some observations on the implications for corruption research.

The seminar will be based on two papers "Measuring Corruption: perspectives, critiques, and limits" and "Scale and focus in the Study of Corruption"

File attachments:

Measuring Corruption

Scale and Focus in the Study of Corruption

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