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Julius Horváth
Dean and University Professor
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Julius Horvath is Professor at the CEU from 2005, and Hungarian University Professor from 2009. He is a former (2006-2011) and current (2014-) Head of Department of Economics  and also former Head of Department of IRES (2002-2006). His main interest lies in international economic policy issues, political economy of monetary relations, and history of economic thought. At CEU he teaches courses on Global Economy: Emergence and Issues, History of Economic Thought, International Economic Policy and Political Economy of International Money. He has published in journals as Journal of Comparative Economics, Contemporary Economic Policy, Applied Economics, Economic Systems, Journal of Economic Development, Journal of Quantitative Economics, Journal of Economic Integration, Nationalities Papers, Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination. He has published also chapters at publishing houses as Palgrave MacMillan, Edgar Elgar, Logos Moscow, Kluwer Academic, Duncker and Humblot Berlin, Social Science Information Centre Berlin. He is a Member of the Slovak and Czech Accreditation Committees, and the Chair of the Slovak Economic Association. Also he is in editorial boards in eleven academic journals. 

Projects and Grants:

“Financial Market Integration, Structural Change, Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in the EU25” European Commission. 

“Price Convergence in the New Member States of the European Union: the Case of Hungary and the Slovak Republic,” Global Development Network Research Project. (More info

"Determinants of Economic Growth" in Global Development Network. (More info

“Optimum Choice of Exchange Rate Regime for the Accession Countries: Cost and Benefit Analysis of EMU Membership,” European Commission. (More info)

List of potential supervision areas:

- political economy of economic growth in transition economies 
- political economy of monetary relations 
- international economic relations

List of theses supervised at present:

- Economic relations between South-East European country and Germany before the Second World War
- The Credit/Debt Position of the Hegemon: The Deviant Case of the United States 
- Empirical Essays on Price Dispersion between Countries



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