Featured Courses

Featured Courses

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We highlight our groundbreaking courses, which are highly evaluated by our professional students.

The “Strategy Suite” for Managing and Leadership

Executive MBA students have a suite of several courses in their curriculum which are focused on strategy, managing, and leadership. 

  • Key Dimensions of Modern Strategy (Core): The course examines how companies achieve and sustain competitive advantage, and equips you with the fundamental strategic tools and frameworks to analyze business situations rigorously and to make sound recommendations for your company or clients.
  • Leadership (Elective): The course is made up of interactive presentations and a workshop series designed to develop participants’ own leadership frameworks and personal competencies.
  • Managing in Emerging Markets (Elective): The course focuses on the challenges and opportunities associated with organizational management and cross-functional business strategy in emerging markets across a range of size and types of organizations.
  • Strategy Execution (Elective): The course bridges the gap between the formulation of strategy and performance outcomes in the contexts of intra-organizational, inter-organizational, eco-system and cross-border.

Developing a New Venture with CEU InnovationsLab (Elective)

This course is designed to give MBA students an immersive, practical experience creating their own companies. It takes an advanced, novel approach by placing students in the CEU InnovationsLab business incubator. There you’ll learn the skills required to nurture a company, from a concept to a fully functional entity. In effect, you’ll become an entrepreneur in CEU InnovationsLab, working with faculty and industry mentors.

The course is structured into five phases mirroring the process start-ups go through rather than typical bi-weekly or weekly class sessions. Students who successfully complete the fifth phase of the course have the option of applying to CEU InnovationsLab.

Advanced Global Strategy and Entrepreneurship Capstone Project (Elective)

In the second academic year of studies, Executive MBA students are eligible to participate in the elective course Advanced Global Strategy and Entrepreneurship Capstone Project.  This course offers the opportunity for the participant to apply their culmination of learning in the MBA to an advanced project, which can be contributed to by a field trip to New York City, from one to three weeks in duration. 

Strategic Changemaking (Elective)

This course explores an important trend and development: The traditional boundaries of “sectors” are blurring.  Techniques and approaches of strategic management can increasingly be applied to any type of organization. Modern executives and entrepreneurs are increasingly have careers spanning conventional boundaries, with the course addressing skills for portable, cross-sectoral Strategic Changemaking.

  • "I have been recently nominated as the Regional IT Manager for West Africa at Unilever. My CEU Business School education has been a key differentiator during an otherwise very competitive recruitment process. I would like to thank all my great peers of the 2013-14 cohort and the wonderful faculty at the B-School for the valuable learning experience I had during my time in BP."

    Moussa Moumouni

    MSc in IT Management class of 2014

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