"How Healthy Organizational Cultures Sustain Business Integrity and Resilience in Challenging Environments"
jun 23
June 23.
17:00 - 18:00
CEU Business School
Social Event
"How Healthy Organizational Cultures Sustain Business Integrity and Resilience in Challeng...
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Davide Torsello, Associate Professor and Director Center for Integrity in Business and Government will deliver a webinar about "How Healthy Organizational Cultures Sustain Business Integrity and Resilience in Challenging Environments".

Multinational corporations and any company which establishes business networks in foreign countries are faced with the often even obvious challenge of having to deal with complex market, political and cultural externalities. Among those, bribery and corruption are the most common. In spite of increased sophisticated national and international anti-corruption legislative framework, the number of companies that fall in the trap of losses of integrity is constantly on the rise.

People in the organization will be less weak to fall into integrity traps if they experience their work in the organization of belonging as self-rewarding, socially identifying and transmitting positive and solid values. The bad apple does not make the others rotten if not in a barrel, and you may want to be aware of how cleanly and efficiently works your barrel. The link between the corporate culture and integrity is still not obvious to leaders and managers, and a proper knowledge of this nexus would enhance management and compliance in a challenging environment saving unexpected costs.

Date: 5:00 pm CEST time (i.e. Budapest summer time), Thursday, 23rd June, 2016

View this Webinar to Learn

  1. how the culture of organizations can be understood in relation with management,
  2. how integrity management needs to be conceived in harmony with the company’s inner culture, and
  3. how resilience and prevention are achieved through an attentive monitoring of manifest and hidden aspects of the working of organizations.

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