Art Nature Vs Nurture
may 23
May 23.
Room: 101
Frankel Leo u. 30-34.
Art Nature Vs Nurture
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Alejandro de Villota is an economist, and an art professional who before being fully dedicated to the art world, worked in investment banking for Société Générale and for Amundi Asset Management in Madrid and Latin America. This professional experience gave him, to an extend, some of the needed tools to hone his current vision and perspective to the arts. In the last two years, and since he started his full time career in the art world he has developed roles as an artist, curator, coach, collector, philanthropist and merchant. He considers himself a hybrid. Today, he will introduce you some of his findings and insights in relation to the art extrinsic value, art market transparency and its asymmetries by establishing a comparison with equity market efficiency theories. After this first business school oriented introduction, Alejandro will share his opinion and vision on the intrinsic value of art, summing up with some concrete steps and actions which he is currently involved to generate an impact in the world by changing the narrative. 

Alejandro de Villota is the fourth generation of his family devoted to the arts, where we can remark the relevant Spanish painter and writer José Gutierrez Solana (1886 -1945) as well as his father, Javier de Villota (1944), painter, sculptor, architect and human rights activist.


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