The Fintech Revolution: What Does It Take to Become a Global Leader?
sep 22
September 22.
18:00 - 20:00
CEU Business School
Budapest 1051
Nádor u. 15., Room 106
Social Event
The Fintech Revolution: What Does It Take to Become a Global Leader?
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The Fintech revolution is changing the world of finance. The global Fintech market now stands at USD500 billion a year, and is estimated to threaten 10-40% of retail banking revenues and 20-40% of profits by 2025. Israel is the main Fintech power next to the US and the UK, with 14 R&D centers, global disruptors in all market segments, and Tel Aviv emerging as a key financial center in just a few years. Why is this small country of eight million so strong in this exponentially growing industry?

Our Associate Professor, Peter Szilagyi delivered this presentation and a prominent representative of the Fintech industry also joined the discussion.

Our invited expert was József Nyíri, managing partner of BNL Growth Partner (, a fintech-focused smart money company active in the EMEA region. He is a hands-on innovator and growth leader with more than a decade of fintech experience in successfully building up digital innovation based technologies and sales teams. A visionaire and speaker on digital transformation of the banking industry, connecting large organizations and disruptive software companies, he will share with us his views and experiences.


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