Hungary 2013: Difficult Path to citizenship

Hungary 2013: Difficult Path to citizenship

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The topic I am writing about is the Hungarian process of naturalization. I have a friend who went through this process about 7 years ago, which was full, with meaningless and sometimes insolvable steps.

Case#1: For getting the work permit, one has to obtain a contract of employment. Obtaining such a contract is not possible without having the work permit. It was a Gordian Knot. My friend went there and back from the employer to the naturalization office. After some days, he thought, that what is enough is enough, so he asked a simple paper of guarantee from his future employer which said, that if he will have the work permit the employer guaranties his employment. With this paper he went back, and the person in charge said, that is ok, accepted. Accepting such a paper was absolutely against the law, because without the work permit no one is allowed to release such a guarantee, but the clerk realized that without this small cheating, this problem cannot be solved within the limits of the law.

Case#2: At the end of the naturalization process, my friend got his personal identity card, and his passport, having his mother’s name in the Hungarian version on both documents. Using the Hungarian version was and advantage during the process because according to the law, only those people can have Hungarian citizenship who has Hungarian relatives. They are Hungarians, who lived in Romania, so they both had Hungarian and Romanian names. After some month a clerk realized that my friend’s original birth certificate has a different name – the Romanian name of his mother. What happened is that he had to change all his brand new Hungarian documents, which were issued some months ago only, to change his mother’s name on them to the original Romanian version. What is funny that his mother recently got the Hungarian citizenship as well, with her Hungarian name, so now they should go through this process again. It is understandable that they are trying to hide it as long as possible to avoid the new torture.

Case#3: The naturalization process has milestones, such as getting the work permit, the residence permit, and then the citizenship. These are three completely different processes but all of them need the same documents package. If you collect them once, for one of the process e.g. getting the work permit they are not reusable again, for another process, even if it needs exactly the same documents. My friend had to copy, translate all of his documents again, and again for the same office, to the same clerk.

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