Lecture by and Debates of Corruption and Integrity book promotion with Susan Rose-Ackerman
jun 26
June 26.
14:00 - 15:00
Nádor 9.
Popper Room
Social Event
"The Law of Lawmaking in the Legislature & the Executive" Lecture by Susan Rose-Ackerman
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Lecture at CEU (Nador u. 9)

Topic : "The Law of Lawmaking in the Legislature and the Executive" by Prof. Susan  Rose-Ackerman, Yale Law School

Format:  60 min lecture and Q&A, introduction by Mel Horwitch, Dean of CEU Business School

Democracy is about more than just elections. It is also about the way the public
is consulted and informed about the legislative process and policymaking inside
the executive and in regulatory agencies. As an empirical matter, the forms of
public involvement and judicial oversight may depend upon the constitutional
structure—for example, whether the state is a parliamentary or a presidential
system. Professor Rose-Ackerman’s newly published book,  Due Process of
Lawmaking: The United States, South Africa, Germany and the EU (co-authored with
Stefanie Egidy and James Fowkes) takes on this topic from a comparative
perspective.  She also argues for the value of open consultative processes and
reason-giving as a valuable feature of democratic policymaking, and she will
discuss theme in relation to her current work on the transition to renewable
energy in Germany.

(A separate panel discussion and book promotion occurs later this same day at CEU Business School.)

Susan Rose-Ackerman is the Henry R. Luce Professor of Jurisprudence (Law and Political Science) with joint appointments between Yale Law School and the Yale Department of Political Science. She has taught and written widely on corruption, law and development, administrative law, law and regulatory policy, the nonprofit sector, and federalism.

Her recent books are Corruption and Government: Causes, Consequences and Reform, which has been translated into 17 languages, and From Elections to Democracy: Building Accountable Government in Hungary and Poland plus the edited volumes: International Handbook on the Economics of Corruption, Vol I, Vol II (with Tina Søreide), Comparative Administrative Law (with Peter Lindseth), and Anti-Corruption Policy: Can International Actors Play a Constructive Role? (with Paul Carrington).

Professor Rose-Ackerman has been a fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences and at Collegium Budapest as well as a visiting research scholar at the World Bank. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Yale University and has held Guggenheim and Fulbright Fellowships. She has a B.A. from Wellesley College. Her current research focuses on comparative administrative law and public policymaking and the political economy of corruption.

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