Mission Related Activities

Mission Related Activities

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1. Promoting good CG practices

with the main cooperating partner, the Corporate Governance Committee of AmCham. Among other activities, the Center is responsible for a a call for study writing on CG best practice case studies.

We are pleased to inform you that the Corporate Governance and Business Integrity Committee of AmCham, in cooperation with the Center for Business and Society of CEU Business School and co-edited by Peter Hardi, released today the new Corporate Governance and Business Integrity Glossary (the second iteration of our earlier Glossary).

You can download the pdf of the glossary from the below links:

English version: http://www.amcham.hu/download/002/851/Glossary.pdf

Hungarian version: http://www.amcham.hu/download/002/852/Glossary_magyar.pdf

The purpose of the Glossary is to provide help to firms, consultants, legal experts and listed companies as well as researchers and academics to better understand and correctly use the professional terms in Hungarian business and legal life. The Glossary also provides short definitions and explanatory text for the entries. It is the outcome of almost two years of work absed on the numerous feedback we received after the publication of the first Glossary.

2. Sustainable campus at CEU

The Center’s three experts plan to launch a new movement within the CEU joining a newly emerged and rapidly spreading initiative for major universities, to promote sustainability within the university. Its different aspects include environmental issues, energy efficiency of the buildings, consolidation of everyday university life and infrastructure, promotion works triggering student participation, student clubs in setting benchmarks and improving indicators.

Our cooperating partner from CEU main will be Diana Ürge-Vorsatz, director, and her Center for Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Policies (3CSEP) at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy at CEU.

Prof Hardi would also like to broaden the perspectives of this new movement in the field of sustainability, and go beyond the usual aspects by including social issues and CSR in the preliminary concept, highlighting what CSR activities universities could take on as operational units and also through their corporate contacts.

3. Outreach

The most important outreach function of the Center is promoting a multi-stakeholder dialogue about key and timely issues of business-society relationship.

The Center offers a forum for consultation, organizes and participates in workshops and conferences, creates speaking opportunities and media events to promote its research outcomes. We put special emphasis on constructive criticism and balancing perspectives. It is the aim of our activities to help Hungarian and international business leaders conduct socially responsible business in a supportive moral and legal environment.


Keynotes in CSR events and conferences in Hungary; consulting business organizations on CSR and corporate governance topics, including the Hungarian Business Leaders Forum and the Joint Venture Association; articles on the topic of business in society in different business publications and in electronic and printed media.

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