Mission Vision and Strategic Objectives

Mission Vision and Strategic Objectives

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CEU BusinessSchool's Center for Business and Society (formerly the Center for the Social Foundations of Business) was founded in September 2002.


Promote research and encourage multi-stakeholder dialogue about the role of business in society, about socially responsible business practices and about the tasks of business in promoting sustainable development.

Within this broader context, the Center is specialized to help companies adopt CSR strategies in countries of transition by

  • Analyzing the economic, social and cultural factors that influence company decisions
  • Mapping out the drivers for and impediments on CSR in Central-Eastern Europe
  • Advising on developing and implementing CSR policies

The Center also provides keynotes in CSR events and conferences in Hungary; consulting business organizations on CSR and corporate governance topics, including the Hungarian Business Leaders Forum and the Joint Venture Association; articles on the topic of business in society in different business publications and in electronic and printed media.


Become the regional reference point for research, knowledge and dialogue on the role of business in society.

Strategic objectives

The Center has three strategic objectives:

  • Conduct research directly relevant to business practices with focus on CEE and Central Asia on: the role of business in society and the interaction with major social partners (corporate governance, ethics, corporate social responsibility) and the linkage between resource management and social outcomes (efficiency and sustainability of resource use)
  • Provide teaching support (curriculum input in the above topics, preparing local/regional case studies for course application)
  • Contribute to stakeholder dialogues on relevant and timely topics, involving chambers of commerce and business associations; organize workshops, meetings and present research outputs to influence business practices and the public discourse on business in society issues

Each of the objectives complements each other: Research provides material for teaching, teaching identifies new research questions and outreach opportunities, outreach identifies contacts for research and enhances the School’s visibility and impact. And each of the objectives is linked by unifying themes related to the responsible management of business for the benefit of society.

  • "I have been recently nominated as the Regional IT Manager for West Africa at Unilever. My CEU Business School education has been a key differentiator during an otherwise very competitive recruitment process. I would like to thank all my great peers of the 2013-14 cohort and the wonderful faculty at the B-School for the valuable learning experience I had during my time in BP."

    Moussa Moumouni

    MSc in IT Management class of 2014

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