Research Activities

Research Activities

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  • Ongoing research projects

FP7 GLOBAL VALUE: Assessing the impacts of MNCs on Global Development and Value Creation.  (Please include the below logo here…somewhere near the full name of the project)

The Center has repeatedly been invited to new research consortia and successfully submitted a new research proposal on measuring the contribution to development of MNCs. The GLOBAL VALUE project is funded by the European Commission’s Framework 7 Programme. The project aims:

-   to develop an innovative framework for assessing impacts of Multinational Corporations (MNCs) on issues related to the Millennium Declaration including sustainable development, human rights, transparency, and anti-corruption;

-   shed light on institutional arrangements, analyze systems of governance for responsible business practices, explore responsible competitiveness and assess the complementarity of public and private sector activities;

-  deliver a modular, user-friendly and customizable toolkit, including a web-based assessment platform, indicator set, user guide, and training materials.

The Center is involved in all work packages by working on specific project area: transparency and anti-corruption. The Center will also be a work package leader on assessing the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals and analyzing the process for defining the new Sustainable Development Goals.

Time frame of the project: January 2014 - June 2017. Total budget: 2,5 mln Euro.

For more information please visit the project website at:

CSR and Complex Issues Affecting Society: The case of substance abuse prevention

In January 2009, the Center for Business and Society at CEU Business School launched a new research project based on the assumption that by extending the general concept of CSR it is possible to find a suitable framework to involve business organizations in the solution of complex social issues. In order to develop and test the hypothesis, one such complex issue has been selected: substance abuse (i.e. problem drinking, illicit drug use, prescription drug misuse). For more information about the project and its findings please click here.[G1] 

  • Completed research projects (2009-2013)

FP7 IMPACT measuring social impact and sustainability of CSR activities.

The main objective of this project was to develop CSR measurement methods, defining what incentives to use and how to achieve that public policy framework promote CSR. The Center was involved in three of the seven research work packages, including the determination of the conceptual framework, the preparation of case studies of several businesses in selected sectors and the participation in Delphi analysis, a poll among experts. The Center also completed two case studies analyzing the CSR practices of a multinational company operating in Hungary (Telenor) and a Hungarian medium size company (KÉSZ). For further information visit the project website at

FP6 Reflexive Governance[G2] 

CSR and stakeholder research project funded by and prepared for E.on Hungary.

The Center completed the research that aimed at developing a KPI system for top management level at the company, and also presented the findings of the reflexive stakeholder mapping research. In the second phase of the cooperation, we also prepared an analysis of the CSR activities of the major Hungarian competitors of E.on.

BellagioSTAMP project (Sustainable Assessment and Measurement Principles) funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD).

The aim of the project was to develop a general set of guidelines for measuring sustainable development. An international team with the co-leadership of Prof. Hardi worked out a set of sustainability assessment and measurement principles. OECDhas also joined this initiative through launching its project measuring social progress. The new sets of principles are already published on the OECD and some other major websites. Prof Hardi with his co-authors published a journal article on the Principles, see it here. For more information visit the project website at:

Sustainable use of natural resources: The case of bio-energy

The Center, in collaboration with the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy, conducted research on bio-energy production potentials in selected East European and Central Asian countries. The findings were summarized in a monograph and the research paper was published by Elsevier, the world’s leading publisher of science and health information.

To order a copy of the issue, please contact your nearest Sales Office:

  1. Publications[G1] 

Hardi, P., Radacsi, G. & Meyer, C. (2014). Progress reports on MDG- and SDG-debates. Report 2. Global Value.

 Hardi, P. & Radacsi, G. (2014). Progress reports on MDG- and SDG-debates. Report 1: A Baseline Report Global Value.

 In line with its Strategic Objectives, the Center provides teaching support and contributes to curriculum development in the topics, of corporate responsibility and sustainability,  prepares local/regional case studies for course application, develops corporate training materials for executive trainings,and helps the training of young researchers in the Center’s field of expertise.   

ERASMUS TEMPO CSR, an action programme on elaborating a trans-European executive education curriculum on CSR (2011-2012).

 Six European business schools participated in this consortium. The Center was responsible for participating in overall curriculum development and testing them with two courses. For further information visit the project website at

 MARIE CURIE EASY-ECO (2008-2010[G2] )




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