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  • Noémi Alexa, Is There a Way Out? Promoting Integrity in CEE through a Social Enterprise; In: Kisilowski, ed.: Free Market in its Twentees, CEU Press, 2014  
  • Alexa-Hanak-Hardi-Varady: The price of regional expansion. Multimedia  case study on Magyar Telekom’s bribery case in the Balkans., 2016, CEU Business School
  • Alexa-Kosa, eds: Corruption risks in Hungary. Transparency International, 2007

Papers in progress:

1) Alexa: Integrity in Entrepreneurship: a virtue that creates shared value?

Research on ethics and entrepreneurship is rich and varied (Harris et al., 2009), still, ethics in small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) is an under-researched area (Spence and Painter-Morland, 2011). This paper contributes to the debate on how entrepreneurs of SMEs think about responding to certain societal needs.

The aim of this research is twofold: to understand what integrity means for those Hungarian entrepreneurs that claim themselves and their companies to operate in a clean way on the one hand and to understand how integrity is related to other entrepreneurial values and features. Integrity in business is understood in the literature as the combination of individual and organizational integrity the latter meaning processes, structures and strategies to promote integrity. SMEs and entrepreneurial ventures lack these institutions therefore integrity in business is mainly interpreted as individual integrity of entrepreneurs. Findings of the research were contested to the shared value creation concept which approach gives an insight of the applicability of the concept for smaller companies. This paper argues that integrity is strongly correlated to long-term thinking of successful entrepreneurs and by putting integrity as one of the core values of the enterprise the company automatically creates shared value.

1) Alexa: Corporate Accountability and the Transparency of Impact on Development.

This paper is about increased and integrated reporting requirements of corporations about their anticorruption policies and activities. The paper gives an overview of the history of anticorruption reporting and a summary of data requested by different reporting standards nowadays. The paper analyses the role of reporting standards and watchdog organizations in enhancing anticorruption policies in the private sector. It concludes that the pressure coming from the publicity of these organizations does increase the willingness to report about anticorruption activities.

2) Alexa-Buzady: Integrated system of values in Leadership

Corruption landscape in Central-Eastern Europe (CEE) has changed since the 2004 wave of EU accession. Among the CEE countries Estonia and Slovenia were the least corrupts in the time of accession, followed by Hungary. Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as Latvia and Lithuania were in the last third of the rank within the EU. By today values have changed: while Estonia keeps its first position int he region, Hungary ranks last among these countries.

3) Alexa-Buzady-Findrik: Talent has its price. Case study on Graphisoft Park

This case study is about how a location can become competitive based on one driving force, namely talent recognition and management. Graphisoft, the software company was founded by entrepreneur Gabor Bojar and became international during the change of regime. He built the company around talented people who loved competing adn be the best. Maintaining the focus on talents Mr. Bojar later founded Graphisoft Park to serve as a hub for several multinaltional companies and SMEs. The Park was built with the idea to make talented people feel good. Even though prices are hugher than the average the Park is full with companies that have recognized the importance of an inspiring location and are willing to pay the price to keep their talents. 



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