Steering Network

Steering Network

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Edi Rama - Chairman, Socialist Party of Albania; former Mayor of Tirana

Viola Trebicka, Esq. - Intellectual Property Institute of Albania
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Jasmin Porobic – Project Manager, Small Arms Control and Safer Communities Programme, United Nations Development Programme


Dr. Plamen Peev - CEU Center for Environment and Security

Dr. Maja Munivrana - Lecturer in Criminal Law, University of Zagreb


Viktoria Hollosy - USAID Regional Contracting/Grants Office, Budapest

Dr. Mel Horwitch - University Professor of Management, CEU Business School
Dr. Paul Marer - Professor of Management, CEU Business School
Dr. Caterina Sganga - Assistant Professor of Law and Management, CEU Business School and CEU Legal Studies Department


Dr. Kondath Balakrishnan - Dean of Admissions & Knowledge Management, Asian School of Business


Massimiliano Dragoni, MBA (IESE) - Brussels, Belgium


Hon. Illir Dugolli - Kosovar Ambassador to the European Union


Oliver Avramoski - Galichica National Park


Dr. Tatiana Pushkina - Professor of Economics, Academy of Economic Studies


Leszek Stypulkowski - Index Copernicus

Bartosz Brzozowski - Executive Advisor, BRE Bank SA
Merek Kłoczko - Director-General, Polish Chamber of Commerce


Joao Miguel Leandro -- Banco Credibom


Dr. Sorin Ionita - Research Director, Romanian Academic Society (SAR)

Timea Pal - PhD Candidate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Giulio Quaggiotto - Team Leader, UNDP

Dr. Anna Krizanova - Dean of Faculty, University of Zilina

United States

Dr. Peter L. Lindseth - Oilmpiad S. Ioffe Professor of International and Comparative Law, University of Connecticut School of Law

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