Student Perspectives

Student Perspectives

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Jelena Langer  EMBA Class of 2013-2015 Home: Budapest, Hungary  Working in Prague, Czech Republic

Current position: Market Development Director in the professional products division of L’Oréal responsible for the Central European hub (CZ, HU, SK)

I came to CEU for inspiration. With 13 years of experience in marketing in the beauty industry in several Central European countries, I felt I needed to widen my perspective and I was very eager to develop my skills in the are of general management.  I chose the 2-year weekend format of this EMBA program for two major reasons. First, I wanted to pursue my studies next to my full-time job, which gave me the opportunity to immediately implement studied concepts in practice. Second, I wanted to meet and work with professionals of similar level of experience and maturity.

The school fulfilled my expectations completely. I have the feeling that I have professionally grown a lot. I have gained much more confidence. I have built a professional vocabulary in English that turns me into an equal and respected discussion partner when talking to the top managment of our company. I have built an ability to look at issues from different perspectives, to take a step back and get a bird’s eye view on business problems. I am now able to more quickly understand the complexity and interdependence of company processes even ouside my area of direct influence or responsibilty. Besides, I have met amazing people in my class and built a network of friendships with like-minded people of similar drive and dynamism, which enriches me both professionally and on a personal level. 

Maria Pechorina MBA Class of 2010-2011 Home: Russia, Vladivostok

I was looking for a one-year MBA program with an intense dive into the latest business practices on the one hand and an international perspective on the other. The Business School of Central European University serves both expectations very well: One, it keeps a strong cultural diversity in the class. Two, the unique Transnational Leadership Program familiarizes students with Anglo-Saxon and North American business practices as well as allowing them to specialize in an emerging region of their choice: China, Central-Eastern Europe, or North Africa and the Middle East.

Classes are very interactive and stimulating. Some assignments involve interaction with real companies; group preparation and reality simulating games help to project the knowledge into real life scenarios. I have a great time with professional, energetic and devoted people from all over the world in the class. I gain knowledge in many different fields of business in different regions of the world opening myself for new ideas and directions for development. I become aware of the latest challenges and trends in business and make useful connections inside as well as outside of the school during various networking events organized by the school.

Stephen Ladek
BS, Farm and Ranch Management – Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO
MA, International Peace and Conflict Resolution – The American University, Washington, DC
Home country: Colorado, USA
Current position: Managing Principal, International Solutions Group (

I chose the CEU Full Time MBA program because it offered a perfect storm of value from a number of aspects. The 1-year program answered my needs for a fast-paced and intense experience that ensured I’d be using my new skill set quickly. The US accredited curriculum has provided a solid theoretical foundation that compliments and bolsters my practical experience. I’ve been able to broaden my perspective on critical global issues both in the classroom and through new relationships I’ve developed with my classmates. And, perhaps most importantly, CEU’s focus on transnational leadership dovetails with my career in international development and will only serve to strengthen my offering to future clients around the world.

Dmytro Vavriv
MBA class of 2010-2011
Home: Ukraine, Kharkiv
PhD in Computer Science, Hamburg University of Technology, Germany

The MBA program at CEU Business School gives an opportunity to prepare for changes which will face business during nearest years. The post crisis world is going through fast changes where emerging markets play more and more important role. Knowledge of transnational business context becomes of crucial importance for modern business. I am sure that to response all these changes it is not enough to be specialist in a certain area. During one year of education I have studied and worked on many projects with truly special people. Interactive methods of education gave me an opportunity to apply newly received knowledge for making business decisions. I think that this school gives all necessary knowledge to face changes in modern business environment.

Daniel Kapusy
EMBA Class of 2011
A.T. Kearney Associate Director – projects based contract / Founder and owner of ImEon Services Ltd. ( - Promoter of Professional Services related to large scale technology (ICT), and Institution Building Projects.

Most of my former education I acquired both in Central Easter Europe (CEE) and North America in the past 25 years was specifically technology geared. A professional engineer and senior consultant with extensive professional background in services related to large scale, complex ICT and institution building projects in the rapidly evolving markets of the CEE/SEE, I felt the need for formal, relevant and updated education in the field of business administration in order not only to improve my abilities to ‘manage’ but even ‘lead’ change.

The CEU Business School Executive Program (EMBA) is specially tailored for on-going career business leaders like me in order to help understand the complex inter-related social, political, environmental and economic dynamics. My colleagues though most of them are younger and less experienced have consistently managed to bring added value into the class discussions and present new and valuable points of view. This is the best proof for the rigorous selection and high standards leading business schools are known for.

Chris Nicholson, CFA
MBA class of 2010
Home: USA, Boston and San Francisco
Undergraduate: Harvard University, Applied Mathematics and Economics

"I looked at one-year MBA programs as an opportunity to broaden my skill set and to prepare for a more global career orientation. I chose the CEU Business School for its uniquely relevant approach to business education, high-quality faculty, and intimate classroom environment. The program's and wider university's diversity and its support from George Soros were also important factors. The school has a very special offering for all of these factors.

The passion of the faculty to impart valuable lessons and skills to the students is really inspiring. I also have been excited by the leading scholars and practitioners who have chosen to visit CEU for guest lectures. I intend to do investment management in Europe and Asia and will likely live abroad again before long."

Norbert Vegh
MBA class of 2010
Home country: Hungary
Soros Scholarship for International Study

"The dimensions and the speed of change - both in the business and the socio-political environment - have exploded in the past few decades all over the world. I have been fortunate to witness this process and meet many of the ensuing challenges head-on. Through the years and across continents, I have transformed from a science and liberal arts student into an IT professional, now with 10 years of work experience in the ever-changing grind of the Central European IT world.

I decided to pursue an MBA to expand these new horizons in a world beyond IT, perhaps one that is more intellectually challenging. The CEU Business School with its unique, diversified international atmosphere has proven to be the perfect match to my expectations and has helped me to become a trans-national leader with an eco- and socially-conscious mindset."

Heidi Humala
MBA class of 2007
Home country: Finland
Current Work: Specialist Consultant to the World Bank

"I came to CEU Business School to pursue an MBA, but in reality I got much more than an academic degree. The emphasis on real-world assignments, the School’s corporate and NGO relationships, the international student community and the challenging professors- not to mention a setting in the heart of Europe, have equipped me with the know-how to excel in both my professional and personal future. CEU Business School has given me the tools, now the rest is up to me!"

Simona Simion-Popescu
Home country: Romania
Current position: HR Director, Xerox (CIT)

"CEU Business School Executive MBA Program was a very good choice for me, giving me a thorough understanding of various business topics and industries. I have learnt much more than I expected to, both from outstanding professors with academic and business background and from my colleagues. Practically, I feel I learnt something from each and every course and assignment, either something which I could apply immediately in the job context or something which refined my general business understanding and mindset. As an HR professional with more than 10 years in HR management I feel now better prepared to contribute to development and implementation of the company strategy as valuable business partner and I also feel prepared to take over new job challenges…"

Eduard Fabian
Home country: Romania
Current position: Dublin Head of Technology, SVP, Citibank

"The CEU Business School Executive MBA Program is the best option for me to continue my education and earn an MBA without interrupting my career. The main benefit of the MBA is that I broaden my horizon and learn about all the functions of business. This allows me to be more effective in communicating with my customers and understanding their needs. And with the same importance, if not more, are the new friends that I made in the program."

Konstantinos Diamantopoulos
Home country: Greece
Current position: Project Manager, AktorTechnical SA

"Having worked in the construction industry for the past 8 years, I have sensed the lack of certain skills and knowledge that are necessary for a manager nowadays. My choice of pursuing the CEU Business School Executive MBA has been a deliberate one exactly because it broadens my way of thinking, not to mention its strong focus in the reality of Central and Eastern Europe, the region where I am practising my profession."

  • "I have been recently nominated as the Regional IT Manager for West Africa at Unilever. My CEU Business School education has been a key differentiator during an otherwise very competitive recruitment process. I would like to thank all my great peers of the 2013-14 cohort and the wonderful faculty at the B-School for the valuable learning experience I had during my time in BP."

    Moussa Moumouni

    MSc in IT Management class of 2014

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