The 4th Industrial Revolution: Smart Manufacture – Do or Do Not?
may 04
May 04.
15:15 - 20:00
Bdapest, Nádor u. 15.
Social Event
The 4th Industrial Revolution: Smart Manufacture – Do or Do Not?
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How are the industrial processes changing due to the proliferation of robots and smart devices? 

The 4th Industrial Revolution takes place not in a galaxy far far away, but around us – right here and now. This provides an opportunity for advanced industrial companies to attain a massive advantage, but the process of automation and digitalisation isn’t smooth: It creates new tasks and opportunities, which necessitates investment and a new kind of leadership attitude as well. Thus, the question becomes whether the company should do it at all, and if so, when and how?

This year’s second SUSCO Youth Workshop takes the participants to the world of industry, where they will tackle new challenges via interactive tasks. See you there! May the 4th be with you!

Participation in the event is free of charge, but registration is required. 

Time of event: 5.15 – 8.00 pm. 4 May 2017
Venue: Central European University, Nádor u. 15, Room 103.

Tamás Haller, IBM – general introduction
Tamás Göncz, GE Digital – Introduction of GE developments
Gergő Bozsó, IBM – The Internet of Things

Achilles Georgiu, CEU
Mihály Kálóczy, Antall József Tudásközpont


1. Tamás Haller, IBM: The Light and Dark Side of Industry 4.0

Ligh Side: What is Industry 4.0? What are the basics we need to know about it? What technologies facilitate it? What trends can we observe? How do producer companies adapt to I4.0?
Dark Side: “Behind the curtain” – What are the realities of the market? Experiences and challenges in Hungary.

2. Tamás Göncz, GE Digital Digital: The Digital Industrial Transformation at GE

The birth of GE Digital. What strategy does GE follow to transition from a digital company to an industrial one? What is the process like on a global and a Hungarian level? What is the main takeaway for the future generations?

3. Gergő Bozsó, IBM – How Does IBM see the World of IoT?

Trends, challenges and memorable stories from the world of IBM Watson.

The language of the event is English.

The event is organized with the support of IBM, GE and CEU.

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