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August 04, 2015

It is the first time that the Academia experiences what it means to be the follower.

Until recently, students knew that what they learn in higher education could be useful in their future careers for decades. At that time, technology typically first appeared in the academic environment, then got adopted by the business world to finally spread to everyday life. Today, things we use for fun in our personal lives are just starting to be used in the business environment and education is still way behind.

The flip of this trend is not only true for technology but also for all related job roles and professions. Due to the extreme speed of evolution the business world already lacks professionals. For example, there is a huge gap in expertise related to Big Data, there are thousands of open job positions like e-Leaders, Data Scientist or Chief Data Officer, but there is no suitable curriculum in the academic world yet, that matches the skill requirements of those positions. As a first reaction the enterprise world more or less bypasses the academic world – several big (and even many mid-sized) companies already have their own internal education departments building up in-house 'Enterprise Academies'. I do not think I have to judge whether it is good or bad, but it’s sure that if we do not start closing the gap between education and the enterprise world, the risks we are taking are huge.

CEU Business School and the CEU Department of Economics, in cooperation with IBM are in a very unique position by being pioneer and breaking this trend. Reflecting to emerging business needs and being innovative we are about to start the first cohort of our new Master’s of Science Program in Business Analytics. Graduates from the Business Analytics will become future business leader who will be responsible for managing data as the most valuable enterprise asset. They will define and execute data and analytics strategies to drive business success and create competitive advantage by gaining insights from the data.

Be among the first ones who will gain a diploma that can ensure competitive advantage for the next decade by gaining the required skills and competencies.

Join us in defining the job role of the future.

“At CEU Business School, you will join a truly international community. Located in Budapest, Hungary, our school is at the crossroads of the new business world in many ways, and we leverage this distinctive fact. Working and studying in an environment that reflects and values global diversity is essential for all management professionals today. Our graduates are ready to become valued members of pacesetting multinational companies, entrepreneurs and global leaders.”
Mel Horwitch University Professor
Maciej Kisilowski, Associate Professor of Law and Public Management
  • "I have been recently nominated as the Regional IT Manager for West Africa at Unilever. My CEU Business School education has been a key differentiator during an otherwise very competitive recruitment process. I would like to thank all my great peers of the 2013-14 cohort and the wonderful faculty at the B-School for the valuable learning experience I had during my time in BP."

    Moussa Moumouni

    MSc in IT Management class of 2014

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