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Our recent webinar:

"Innovation and Information Flows of Smart Energy Systems"

Governance of the present energy system relies on regulatory institutions and government policies created for a centralized energy system developed in the early twentieth century. Innovation in technology scaled up this centralized model. However, newer and smarter technologies rely on transparency, and multiple parties communicating and shunting information through electronic data railyards. Regulators and monopolistic companies play a lesser role.

In new business models efficiency and profits are extracted through this continual monitoring and adjustment. This presentation examines the flow of information in this new paradigm and suggest ways governance can enable smart energy technologies to benefit from both centralized and decentralized energy systems.

Presenting professor:

Michael LaBelle, Associate Professor, Director of Accelerated One-year MBA programme of CEU Business School

Michael LaBelle teaches courses on energy policies and technologies, including sustainability and innovation. His research is centered on the interaction of government institutions and private companies and how they foster innovation in energy technologies and contribute to a low carbon future. Professor LaBelle’s current research concentrates on the policies and regulations behind Central Europe’s energy systems, including geopolitics of gas and electricity markets. In addition, he is conducting research on smart energy technologies and how policies and regulations influence innovation in the energy sector in the CEE region. Much of his research involves issues of risk governance, with special attention paid to the sunk cost of energy investments. Michael holds an MSc and PhD in Geographical Sciences from the University of Bristol.

View this Webinar to Learn

  1. Emerging business models for smart energy technologies
  2. Governance issues around smart energy technologies
  3. Rethinking energy regulations
  4. Exploding potential in smart energy technologies.

Targeted Audience

Those interested in low carbon energy systems, in emerging business models in the energy sector and governance regimes in energy.

Cost: The webinar is free of charge.

Optional donations are welcome at CEU Business School Alumni Scholarship Fund.

Link to the recorded webinar




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